Common myths about real estate agents debunked

Common myths about real estate agents debunked

There are many assumptions made regarding real estate agents. Some of them are not true at all. Not everything that you read is necessarily right. Here are some of the most common myths about the real estate agent.

All agents are the same. You should know that real estate agents are different with unique experiences and professionalism as well as character traits. When you choose an agent, take your time to research and get to interview them to know them better.

Real estate agents will do anything to make a sale. Since they are only paid after making a sale, this might be the reason behind the assumptions, Real estate agent are guided by codes of ethics coupled with professionalism. Besides they would want to give you the best services so that you can refer them to another potential client. They would also want you to provide them with a good review which is essential for their business.

When you buy or sell a house without a real estate agent, you get better deals. Some people buy and sell their properties without real estate agents, and they are unsuccessful. However, most people end up getting frustrated, and they hire an agent. An agent will have your best interest at heart. They will guide you through the process of getting the best deal and minimizing the chances of making mistakes.

Agents are required to show you a property on demand. You can only request to be shown homes on demand when you have signed a contract to hire them to represent you. They are not obligated under any law to show you around without a deal.

Real estate agents have lots of money. Agents do not make lots of money. Their commissions are based on the number of sales they make. If they do not make any deal, they end up broke. It is estimated that they close about four deals in a year. With the deduction of expenses, taking into consideration the amount of time and effort put into making the deal, they are not left with much.

Agents sell their own houses better than yours. The state of the market guides the selling price of any house. When you overprice your home, you risk it being in the market for too long making it lose its value. If you underpriced it, you risk it having too many suspicions hence it will not sell as quickly. Buyers take advantage of this making it sell to their advantage. Agents are aware of this and therefore are likely to sell their house just like they did yours.

All agents are always late for appointments. Some agents are professionals and value their business and will always be on time for meetings. They will even keep regular communications keeping you informed. You should hire your agent if they are still late. Not everything you hear is supposed to be true. It is upon you to research and enquire to establish the truth. The right information will give you enough knowledge to prevent you from falling to the trap of lies.